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January 14, 2009


what a gift this man gave you. and it's so heartwarming after having read all your posts about your father-in-law.

It's always wonderful to hear from others how a family member was of influence or inspiration to them. A gift indeed.

And my god, this morning when Gaza is again in flames how blessed to remember the civility of teaching and learning, letter writing and hospitality, may our hearts not stay broken, may we grow past hurt and anger once again. Vivian

Teachers live for these later-in-life testimonials, or at least I do. What a beautiful, posthumous award.

Ah. Tears in my eyes. What a lovely gift from his student.

It's the little bit extra, beyond the call of duty, the individual touch, that people so often remember. So important to keep hold of that, in our world of ever-increasing consolidation and standardization, isn't it? I don't suppose your father-in-law would have got far (or been happy) in the state sector, where there is so rarely time or space for such personal touches, in the US or anywhere, would he?

Oh, that's wonderful.

Your tales of your father-in-law inspired me. He seemed to be such a wonderful man and to have lived a life that was full of richness, joy and value. I wish that I had met him. How lovely to receive such a letter

What a wonderful gift to receive.
For my father's 75th birthday we asked people from his past to write a letter. I am so glad my father was able to hear something of how his life had impinged upon others.

Kia ora Beth,
Beautiful. To have impacted lives and opened up new perspectives for even one person to me is so huge. An amazing man.

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