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January 22, 2009


The Gazette?! Wow. Waiting with 'bated breath, bien sur!

Hi Scott! Oh, I doubt they'll take it - too many words, and we don't have any connections there. But it felt worth a try. I'd really rather publish on the blog...

Wasn't it a great day? I'm so glad we decided to go. It was like a big party - your friend would have been fine. But all the white locals we talked to beforehand seemed to share her attitude - I found it pretty odd. There was not one incident, not even a look, of hostility from any of the black people at the inauguration; everyone just talked to everybody else - I think the general attitude was, "look, if you're here today, you're one of us."

This morning at bible study, a member rejoiced toward me that there had not been one, not single one, arrest. I eagerly await further blog postings (and I'm going to startle you by praying that the Gazette will pick it up)...(when I shopped the jewelery store across the street from the cathedral, they looked at me rather oddly, not understanding whence I came.....a retail jewelers' family......)

Welcome back! And thanks for the reports from the scene.

I take it that you have finished your piece on Washington and that I will not pollute it by sending you a link to a visual that nudged at my memory as I kept returning to Jon's photo of the flag draped capitol bldg. I am not proud to have a mind that goes full spectrum like this but I am also creeped out by the daily messages from what is now the Obama administration and the way the White House homepage has been re-engineered in the type faces and colours, the branding as it were, that carried the campaign forward. I think I had hoped for a certain disconnect. As a communicator I am both thrilled to whatever stirs the heart, and hypersensitive to being sold, I guess that's it.


Well, that's dramatic and disturbing but kind of a stretch, don't you think? I bet we could find many images of government buildings draped with vertical flag-banners, in many major seats of government. I am skeptical, too, and on Tuesday found myself feeling outside the euphoria of the "Yes We Can"ers; for me it was a hugely important milestone in the history of race relations in America and, I fervently hope, the beginning of a reversal of Bush's incredibly damaging policies that have hurt so many people worldwide.

I have no doubt that the intentions of the new administration are utterly desirable. I voted for and worked in different ways for exactly this change. And shall continue, like you, fervently to hope.

I can't wait to see what you've written, no matter what the venue.

Welcome home Beth.

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