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February 22, 2009


Well, yes, having learned Romanian as a child is what made it so easy for me to learn French, Italian, and now Spanish. Though, with each of these successive languages added to my repertoire, Romanian is fading to near incomprehensibility these days!

But don't beat up on yourself about not knowing the origins of Romanian. after all, for centuries, Romanian used the Cyrillic alphabet and was happy to adopt turns of words and phrases from the neighboring Slavonic arsenal of languages....

I am always spellbound by the details you include when you write. Recently I drove to my parents house, about a two hour drive. I noticed certain things -- landmarks, new things, old things, animals, businesses -- and thought they'd be useful details when writing about the journey. My problem is that I don't retain the details in the same minute way you seem to. Something is lost before I commit the words to paper.

Your trip to the dentist was fabulous reading.

Yes, you caught so much of it, the inner and outer all stirred together and, I hoped, released in the breathing out of the pain and fear that had brought you to the clinic to begin with... hope all goes as well with your implant as with the writing which is to say splendidly...

What a beautifully crafted, liminous piece of writing Beth.

Your judicous use of telling detail creates a filligree of authenticity which allows us to not only be there with you, but to appreciate your insight into the wonderful difference you appreciate in our great city.

Truly wonderful, insightful writing Beth- the whole world essentialy captured in the crystal globe of your experience. Thank-you

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