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March 22, 2009


I found myself nodding at Natalie's comment. After 8 or so years of reading blogs, I find myself thinking about the amount of time I have spent hunched in front of the pc - involved in other people's lives while not properly living my own... And I've developed bad posture to boot! I'm seeing a physiotherapist to correct a trapped nerve in my upper back - too much slouching and mouse use I suspect. Is there any difference from being slumped on the sofa in front of the tv with a remote? Worrying.

Sorry - meant to add my congratulations for six years of a fabulously well-written and erudite blog.

Happy (belated) birthday Beth!
I love your blog and reading it is always such a joy - thank you so much for writing.

Beth, one positive aspect of the thinning out that you describe as having taken place since the blogging 'big bang' of a few years back, is the greater prominence of those substantive blogs that remain. When I fired up at almost exactly the same time as you (February, 2003), The Cassandra Pages was one of the first blogs that I noted as confirming absolutely the potential of the medium. During these six years you have maintained a consistency of quality that has provided a benchmark for the rest of us. I'm delighted still to be sharing oxygen with you in this strange corner of cyberspace. Here's to the next six years!

This is a wonderful post -- I'm new to your blog and look forward to reading more entries. I think we write to live. At least I do.

Happy blogday, a few days late! A beautiful post—thank you.

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