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May 12, 2009


Let's hear it for fuzziness. Lovely post, Beth.

"I like making fuzzy things." That is, may I say, an adorable quote.

You have a gift for enjoying life, your own as well as those of others.

Hey, I feel exactly the same way when I look at my writing. I think "I like making fuzzy things."

Be careful on the road and come back to us soon. We'll have another lunch without the boys. ;)

Back home in Montreal, as of about 6:00 pm. That was a LOT of driving! It was really nice to go away, and feels very good to be home.

Yes, I like making fuzzy things too, both literally and not so literally. I was glad to have my knitting in the car, that's for sure. Thanks for the comments, Pica, Dave, Kaycie, Martine.

Well, ditto on the making fuzzy things! Very sweet. Sounds like you're having a nice visit.

Welcome home!

things or states which may be considered dizzy
but which even at times when I am most busy
I will clasp to my heart in a joyous tizzy.

Welcome back, Beth. You have an award over at the Blaug of Augustine.

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