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May 25, 2009


She sounds like a remarkable woman, Beth.

Ay, tears in the corners of my eyes too, as I read your beautiful post, Beth, and feel the triggers to my own memories of my mother. She grew up on a farm and was always happy when growing vegetables and flowers and picking blueberries in the forest, but she was scared of lightning because in her childhood someone had died of a lightning strike. Such similarities, such differences....

What a beautiful post. I just finished a small memoir about much the same thing that I think you'd like. It's called A View of the Ocean by Jan de Hertog.

In this month, with both my mother's birthday and Mothers' Day, I feel her loss more deeply than in others. Your post reminded me of her sensitivity to our family's needs even though/because she was blind. Her strength wasn't physical, but it was substantial nonetheless. Thank you for sharing your memory's vision of your mother.

I'd like to have known your mum, Beth. Thanks for this.

I still think you should write a book about your childhood.
p.s. We love Jan de Hertog but I haven't read the book suggested above. I'll look it up.

Oh, Beth, this was so beautiful. I'm blind with tears at the moment, and typing this in a library [still in NS], but I couldn't not comment.



I love this flashback, Beth. Seems like our memories are sharpest when connected to people we loved most. You certainly bring your mother, and her background, to life for me.

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