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May 22, 2009


What wonderful slices of Montreal life.

Beautiful. Fabulous range of people/characters. (I liked being able to pair this with your haiku.)

So glad your dental surgery went well, Beth! The weather there sounds marvelous, I love your description of the characters you met on your walk.

It's wonderful to be home again, the best part of any vacation I think, especially when greeted by summer as we are today! I'm so sorry we were unable to connect with you yesterday during our brief stop in Montreal to change planes, we did try phoning but the number would not work. A cell phone seems to be more and more a necessity these days especially if the airport doesn't offer free wifi.

I'm moving to Montreal immediately.

Love the scene, so deftly painted: glad you were able to get out and enjoy it.

Good stuff!

A beautifully painted Montreal. Now I really look forward to visiting next week!

Sounds like a Renoir painting. Beautiful.

:-) what they all said. May everything heal up lovely!

Kia ora Beth,
Beautiful. A Day in the Life.

take care, Beth, and heal soon! sending my greetings to Montreal with our favorite thief.

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