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May 27, 2009


Coleus is one of my favorites; so colorful and so hardy. I bought plants yesterday, too. I added some lavender sweet alyssum at the foot of my purple clematis, replaced a clump of fountain grass I lost to the cold this winter, and cleaned the violas out of all my pots and replaced them with caladiums, asparagus fern, lantana, and japanese painted fern. This morning I'm going to buy some purple fountain grass to tower over my trailing lantana. I love this time of year!

Ooh, lovely! Having been away during the spring planting season here, I'm behind but itching to get into the garden. Thanks for the inspiration, Beth.

Thanks for reminding me to buy coleus. We always plant them in a wall planter and they just grow more beautiful as the season progresses. You have quite a trunkful of gorgeous color!

Yes, coleus. I have lots of shady places. What colors!

Did you get these at that little place down the end of Parc la Fontaine next to the Fruiterie?

I love that place.


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