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May 07, 2009


:-) I like these a lot, particularly the first!

the powdered brick of maples

I'm with Dale.

I love the spring dust. It's a great euphemism for pollen, or to describe the hoar on new leaves, but better yet as you invent it, dashed across the miles. A child of our age, I think of a novelty, chemical gravels that, when placed in fish bowl, grew into brightly colored corals.

The richly varied colors of new leaves, some carrying the color of fall, are so potent, so fleeting. Like human embryos, which for a moment it seem to promise a chicken, or fish, trees soon modernize their colorful beginnings to a uniform green.

Didn't mean to say that humans turn green.

Small, but perfectly formed, Beth. I was there.

I am loving this series of micropoems!! :)

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