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June 26, 2009


Ah, ah, car inspections! This takes me back to 1990 when I brought in my Ford Escort from the US and was told I needed a "numéro de police." So I drove over to the police station. At the counter there, after a period of profound confusion (on their part) followed by embarrassed laughter (on mine) I was given to understand that this mysterious needed 'thing' was the number of my INSURANCE policy...

Do you mean you rented a studio space in Vermont for visits?

A true Montreal story, Vivian!

Zuleme, no, the studio will be in Montreal, about a 25-minute walk or 7-minute bike ride from our apartment. We're not going to keep a place in Vermont, at least not now; when we come back down for visits - which we certainly intend to do - we'll probably stay with friends.

It sounds as if life is good, Beth, dark clouds and all.

Anne - thanks - life feels good, busy, and complicated. I am trying to remain on the light side of the clouds, not the stormy one!

Frankly, Beth, I am jealous of that weather. Yesterday, it was 101F with about 50% humidity. We're currently at 94F with 40% humidity with a forecast of 102F. High summer in Oklahoma is the perfect time to escape to Canada! Hubby is going to Waterloo, Ontario, on business in a few weeks and I wish I could join him!

Hi Beth,
We've had the cloudiest June I can remember here. Everything is lush and green and the garden happily sprouting peas, lettuce, spinach and beets. The potatoes look phenomenal. And we've plenty of strawberries. It is rather gloomy though and I expect once the weather changes we will be on the run for what we call the 4th of Julabor Day Weekend trying to get all our tourism video shots done. And we have a trip to France planned for August 28th.
I would love to meet you in Montreal sometime. I lived there for a couple of years, it is such a nice city.
Maybe I'll get some photos of the garden posted like I've been meaning to.

these photos are so beautiful!

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