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June 11, 2009


Oh, wonderful, wonderful. I watched a bit of the Cliburn online in the opening stages this year, and I remember (a year or two ago) enjoying the documentary that was made of the 2005 competition.

I suppose I'll go back and look at some of archived footage. I agree that it bodes well for classical music. In fact, I'd say any art that isn't seriously engaging with the internet, that isn't seriously thinking about how large parts of its dissemination can be shifted online, is toying with obsolescence. So this is a good sign.

My favorite classical music site online is medici.tv which broadcasts things like the Verbier Festival, BBC competitions, and Radio France concerts in free, high quality video. Careful about going there though: you could be lost in the archives for hours.

More thoughts about competitions and young musicians later. Looking forward to seeing this conversation unfold.

I wish I could have watched it. I didn't know that it was online, but anyhow I was in Alaska. I did hear some of the performances on the NPR program "Performance Today". I have no musical credentials, but I love classical music, and I have musical grandchildren so I am always interested. I'm eager to read more of your conversations.

Lucas, how did I know you'd like this? Maybe because I heard about the online coverage from you? But I didn't know about medici.tv. This may not be a good thing for my productivity curve.

Hi Anne - thanks! - the great thing is that you can go there anytime and see the performances on your computer. I don't know how long the archive will be up, but I'm sure it will be there for a good while. Even if you just watched one or two of the final round solo recitals, or the concerti with orchestra, I'm sure you'd enjoy it very much.

The archive is no longer available, it was only up until June 7.

Yes, it is, I just checked, but it can be confusing...you may have to download Silverlight for it to play on your computer, but what you have to do is click on "FINALS" or "SEMIFINALS", below the video window, and then click on the performer's photo. A window representing the specific performance, with the title of the work(s) played should pop up, and you can select this and it will load and play in the window. You can also make the screen fullsize. There are several instances of each performer's photo in the band at the bottom of the screen, each representing a different appearance (chamber work, concerto, solo recital). To access all of them, click on the arrow pointing to the right, on the far right of the screen next to the performers' photos.

Thanks Beth I saw the competition dates and missed one of the commas in the sentence on the website. After installing new browser I'm with you all... more and more...

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