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June 22, 2009


A wonderful post on the shifting “space” of home, Beth. I am going through something similar in an odd way, as I dismantle the childhood rooms of my sons. Physically I am living in the same house as the one that was their childhood home, but now that the rooms have already been stripped of the “things” from that past (which was the reason we moved into this house int he first place), I find myself a bit “homesick” in this suddenly alien space that is supposed to be claimed by me now. So I know what you mean about home being where the heart is, oh boy, do I know it.

Your post is just the thing I want as I consider a future, one no doubt envisioned strangely, where I might be, might "end up." What birds, trees, bathrooms, cats, dogs accompany me? Those that the me that is inhabits -- there -- at that time.

Thank you! (And a lovely lunch, I might add!)

Lovely picture, lovely writing. There is nothing so wonderful as lunch at home.

For another perspective on home:
My Home, My Shadow Home: Where We Really Live

These are wise words, Beth. As places change, people change and hearts change. I know I am the same person I was 50 years ago, and yet I know I'm not. I look at pictures of my adorable babies and realize that those babies are gone. They are in their 50's now, and they have had more than half a life-time to make them what they are from what they were in the beginning. As we take home with us through life, home changes as we change. With that change there is loss, and gain.


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