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July 13, 2009


This is so poignant that it's almost making me teary-eyed and sending me back to similar times when I've had to say a last goodbye to different homes. A few more days... hope the ghosts stay friendly.

What Marja-Leena said. So beautifully described, the sadness of leaving and the return of loved ones. I think that places definitely do hold ghosts, whether real or some other beyond-reality.

I didn't realise that your father-in-law's apartment was near your house - somehow I imagined you had to travel a long distance to see him.

You're so adept at sharing the bittersweet moments of life. This is lovely.

Oh gosh! Now I am vividly in the last half hour of being in my mother's house just before we turned the keys over to the realtor. I walked through the rooms breathing in the smell of nearly 50 years of living there. I whispered goodbye to each room, and then upstairs in a secret hiding place over the door to the linen cupboard, where I used to keep things I didn't want my sisters to find, I placed a note. The note was written to my parents (father long dead, mother only recently dead) telling them how much I missed them and how good it had been to live here.

I hope that note is still there.


Speechless again and a tear is dripping off my chin. A lot of people change location but you're really Moving, this is rare and your sharing continues to be a rare gift

Beautiful and powerful post, Beth. It brings back personal memories while at the same time making us feel like we're really THERE with you.

You know, something of you will remain after you have gone
A spark of energy, a small presence, a tiny little fragment of you
Perhaps invisible but there, all the same
And the ghosts, the people you have loved and lost, they will remain with you wherever you are
That's love, it's always with us, it never dies...
and it's so very comforting, n'est-ce pas?

Lovely, sad post, Beth--I'm glad you're gathering them up and saying good-bye to them too.

I feel that ache there with you. Hope the future begins unlocking its sweet secrets to you, too.

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