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July 07, 2009


It is hard to deal with the past, physically and mentally, when sorting and moving. Interesting to think of it as a spiritual practice as well. Soon you will be finished, think of that.

May I ask a mundane question, Beth? What are you doing with all the books you don't keep? I hate to throw anything away yet it's hard to find homes for some old books for we all have too many... actually too much of everything including parents' stuff.

Hugs, Beth.

I was in somewhat the same situation about 3 years ago, leaving a home of 40 years and difficut it was. I needed to leave the work it entailed as I have always believed that a house is like a person always in need of upkeep. And I was running out of upkeep.
My largest problem was by books. I sold many to a book dealer in Kansas with the request they get in the right hands. A request I'm sure was repected. The ones I did not bring with me when to the local University with many being placed in the collection. Now living a block away I can always go and take one out for a month. Yes, the University allows any resident of this town that has a Public Library Card to take out five books at one time, anytime. I always wondered if any other Universities allow this practice?
Beth, you left much behind I sure, but you will always have those memories....

First I wanted to say that even people with options can be swamped with regrets
but I hadn't really reflected much on that
and then I wanted to tell you to bring the stars from the window
but that felt bossy and inappropriate
and then I wanted to tell you I know how to make them
but I'm sure you do too
and they are so fiddly, really,
and in the end I almost didn't write at all
so I am sending you my silence
it is an appreciative silence
in the face of your fatigue and progress and all of it...

Someday we will have to face the decision to move or continue taking care of two houses on three acres. Two houses we built ourselves, with our friends, and three acres we have gardened and built ponds in and fenced so the cats can happily roam from one house to the other. I can imagine living another life, but I can't imagine how we would get there. And I have no idea where it would be. I imagine I would like living near a small town but not in any of the ones I know near here.
Six weeks of rain here so far this summer, with a couple of bright days. May was lovely though and I got the garden in. Luckily it's on a hill and well drained. The farmer's fields by the river are wet and sad looking and the corn short.

Thank you all...I love hearing your reactions and your own stories as I relive/remake my own.

Kia ora Beth,
Kia kaha.

I bet Alexandria won't be as cozy!

Victoria urges me to think through my books every once in a while, and when I do, I usually find several that I'm done with. But almost half of your books! I think you must have changed quite a bit in thirty years, Beth, to find so many books you're done with. That sounds like a good thing.

Keep those power naps coming!

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