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July 04, 2009


Oh, a glimpse into your new studio?! Looks fabulous, and how exciting to be able to start with a clean bright new space and arrange it to suit both your needs. Is that a painting leaning on the side, perhaps one of yours, Beth? And a bottle of champagne to toast to a creative future? I add my good wishes and congratulations. Interesting that you are showing this on July 4th and just a few days after Canada Day - keeping your hearts in both.

OH. I like this.

May I visit? :)



Congratulations - I could finish my PhD in there!

What an exciting space, I can't wait to see you make it your own

Thanks, all. Marja-Leena, that's a painting *of* me, by a friend, not one of mine, and it was a bottle of very ordinary red wine! But we're excited about starting from scratch in a new place and making a studio space that really works for us.

Great space! And a balcony too! I hope there'll be more pics of the stages of its transformation into your and J's workplace. Champagne to you both, wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

What a wonderful thing. An empty studio. Mine is piled high with my kids' stuff.

I have a curious negative reaction. I would be totally daunted by that vault -- but, obviously this enclosure won't define or limit you. After all, a pock in a rock wall doesn't mold the climber's toe! Nice lead!

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