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August 14, 2009



Looks and sounds delicious. I have that same Marcella Hazan cookbook and I adore it, but I've never made this fish, probably because I am not big on fish. This looks so delectable I may have to try it, Beth.

that looks amazing--if you keep this up, I may well get over my fear of cooking any fish more adventurous than ginger-soy salmon...

and you have the same china as my grandmother! what a flash of nostalgia it is, to see those blue-and-white plates.

Wow. Sounds delicious! I generally find French cooking too rich for my digestive system, so never attempted Julia Child (except for her creme caramel recipe, made as "flan" for a Spanish party - came out fabulous). Mastering Italian would be right up my alley.

Good morning all -- Kaycie, my husband wasn't big on fish either but has come to like it. I think a lot of us grew up on frozen and not-too-fresh fish, cooked until it was too dry. It can be a whole different kettle of, um...

Elizabeth - do not fear! Fish is actually pretty easy and quick. These are transferware dishes that I bought piece by piece on E-bay; the pattern is an early-mid-2oth century knock-off of a famous Scandinavian pattern that I couldn't possibly afford!

Leslee - French food is too rich for me too, especially a whole meal of it. I don't think I've made a single recipe out of Marcella Hazan's that wasn't terrific, and they're pretty easy (and so is the clean-up). Next time I'd cut down on the oil in this one too.

A terrible post to try and read right before lunch!

I know what I'm having for dinner.

O my goodness. I can't write Italian but I want to write something like 'alimenti con forza', which is wrong, as I try to say that this is food with power.

When our fish bringing friend arrives with a large piece of swordfish just off the boat, I'll give this a try.
It would be a nice balance from the Breton Butter Cake that of the specialty of one of our French visitors!

Kia ora Beth,
Once again the vibrant colours and simplicity have me very stimulated to get into the kitchen. I have a lovely array of veges from my trip to the market gardens and might just go try to hunt down some nice fish. Cheers!

Wow - just as I begin the post-holiday diet. Agony!

That is exquisite! Love the photos. Hope to see more!

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