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August 22, 2009


That dressing is quite similar to one I use on a salad I make that uses a layer of greens and soba noodles under stir fried chicken and vegetables. It's one of my favorites. I'll have to try your recipe, too. It sounds delicious and looks beautiful.

...I learned that there can be significant creative payoffs to well-chosen or lucky moves. The way we construct the world, see ourselves, and do our work can shift because of them. I learned that the psychic cost of moving, even of a good move, can be considerable, for it seems that each move reawakens other losses we've experienced. I learned that our moves often recall those of our ancestors, even those whose moving histories are unknown to us, for the significance of what moving meant to our forebears seems to be transmuted through the generations, sometimes nonverbally.

...People who are relocating spend more money in the three months before and after a move than others spend in five years, so the stress of moving is often compounded by financial worries, especially during times of economic hardship, and especially if it makes us "house poor." By learning about others' experiences with moving, understanding its complexity, and making wiser choices, I believe we can significantly alter our experience for the better.

On Moving: A Writer's Meditation on New Houses, Old Haunts, and Finding Home Again

I found this on Halfway to France and thought you might like it.
The salad sounds great.
--Lousie DeSalvo

It does look lovely. I was tickled by 'California-Asian-fusion food styling looks really dated'; as with all matters relating to fashion,part of me finds passing trends in food and food writing rather contemptible, but part of me finds it fascinating and amusing.

I like this idea of taking some time over and documenting food as you are. What has been distracting my attention from blogging and other creative things has been finally opening up and finishing constructng the room at the end of the house, which is my 'room of my own', and where I can finally get out books and other long-packed away treasures. Now I'm down to the cookbooks... I realise now that the way I tend to cook now is to pick out and ingrediant or two, and find a recipe on the internet for what to do with it. Yet I'm loathe to get rid of all the old cookbooks, and wonder about doing it the other way, finding an interesting and different recipe and cooking it, with a bit more care.

Anyway, it's a beautiful photo with wonderful colours. Bon appetit!

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