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September 12, 2009


Lovely post, Beth, full of the quiet joys of the day and the changing season, thank you.

I'm glad you're getting a chance to run on the tide! It is fun, sometimes.

After two years of retirement from a lifelong commute in different forms (generallu public transit; in the last ten or so was a straight shot on the metro from home to a workplace directly upstairs from the metro station downtown) I have found my routine slipping. But when I go to my upstairs office, I see others streaming by at that hour. Last fall as it grew cold a mother walked her little son along tbe sidewalk opposite, she had bundled him up in a big blanket. I was happy that she didn't let appearances overrule his warmth, and happier a few days later to see him in a new winter jacket...enormous on him. You will become a regular part of the morning for others, too.

When I worked, my commute was always from suburbia to an industrial area; no shops or shopkeepers to speak of, only houses, factories, and 24 hour convenience stores. Still, there was a sense of belonging in that trip when I stopped at the convenience store along the way and saw many of the same faces day after day. Now that I don't work and the kids are older, there is no real routine to my mornings. I find I'm sometimes a bit isolated and must go searching for that connection to our community.

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