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September 28, 2009


I enjoyed that! Great to hear both your voices in conversation and chuckles.

Oh yes, this was wonderful to hear. It felt like I was there with you in a car as you two were driving around puzzling at stuff. Great to hear you Beth. I enjoy you enjoying each other's company. I also like to think that you communicate verbally with Dave while performing your editing duties. Do you?

Thanks, Marja-Leena. Hi Bill! Yep, we talk on the phone fairly often -- but still do the bulk of our communicating by email.

That's wonderful. Ya'll are rule breakers! I remember hearing your voice before, though I don't recall what the context was. You sound relaxed and young; it's a lovely voice.

I've really enjoyed hearing these podcasts - so good to hear your voices and your thought and banter. I've never really been much of a podcast listener, preferring to read (and skim, in some cases) on my own. But as my eyesight seems to be getting worse and worse, I think I'm going to appreciate listening a lot more! There's also the added texture of the reader/speaker's inflection and nuance. Hope you guys will keep this going!

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