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October 31, 2009



The memory doesn't lie but it does, occasionally go trick or treating...
Hope all is well

Thanks, both of you. Yes, so far as I know everything is OK - this was a routine annual check-up, but I don't have all the results yet.

Two bizarre dreams from last week:

A bathroom, a toilet and down in the hole a black and white cat's face appears. He lunges out, I try to catch him and miss. The next time I manage and hold him close. Then I wash him off.

A restaurant with my husband and some friends. We feel lucky to get in but there are only two small tables occupied. No other tables, only chairs in the room. We are seated in a row on a bench. The waiter tells us there are 3 dishes offered tonight. Scallops, "you will get two of the finest scallops anywhere," Chalk, collected from the sea cliffs, and a duck type bird. The waiter brings out a dead white bird to demonstrate. We ask for a table. Oh yes, the waiter says and brings out two small tables.

I don't remember what I ordered. Though I know Olof ordered the scallops.

My dreams aren't always this odd!

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