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October 27, 2009


Thanks for the link, Beth. We got a note from my younger son's school about immunizations there. He's asthmatic, so I plan to take him. I am not sure the rest of us will be eligible here. I'm asthmatic, but it seems that pregnancy is the only sure way of being immunized as an adult female, and that is just not going to happen.

I will not be accepting the offer of a swine flu jab, even if it were to be administered in the Albert Hall (though I may change my mind if the venue changes to Windsor Castle)
I consider my poor immune system incapable of coping with any foreign bodies, especially those of porcine parentage, it's having enough trouble fighting my own wayward cells
I do worry about the hygiene habits of the geeks with whom I work though
Whenever one of them sneezes I contract a chest infection
If only I could teach them to use a tissue, to was their hands and to stop playing with their nasal cavities...

our place of work has installed anti-bacterial gel dispensers every ten feet, i think. i may not get the flu. but my poor hands practically have no skin left on them at all, from all the washing washing, washing...

Perhaps too late to be widely viewed, but I just ran across this video clip, which deserves a link from here.

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