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November 29, 2009


How very joyful this all must have been for everyone, including the special guests, I'm sure!

Church? Dancing? RU kidding? You make me aware of where I live where such a thing seems provocative, lascivious, hardly imaginable at all. I wonder if mega-churches around here, in their striving to be full service community institutions with daycare, through the week youth programs and such, have yet gotten around to dancing. Christian Rock being hugely popular, I'm certain that electrified worship band are numerous, but still I can't quite imagine anyone actually dancing to them, especially members of the older population. I keep meaning to go to one of these churches to see what in the name of dog is going on there. I've been to a revival at pentecostal church where congregants went straight from clapping, stamping and swaying to a swoon. Trembling, sure, but no dancing.

It's my guess that the only relationship our churches here would want with Cuba would be purely missionary.

You bet, Bill. Not only dancing, but rum punch and plenty of wine. Seeing several bishops out on the dance floor boogieing, as well as our own clergy in high heels and party dresses, was definitely worth the price of admission, but better yet was seeing our own very inclusive congregation having a great time together - gay couples dancing freely with their own partners or straight friends, people dancing in groups and dancing with the clergy, elderly people, and even one developmentally-challenged acolyte having a great time out on the dance floor, and nobody thinking anything about it except that it was a lot of fun. It was an accurate reflection of who we are as a community, and everyone said they had had a much better time than they'd anticipated - "let's do it again!"

:-) sounds wonderful!

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