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December 08, 2009


J. owns a tie ?!?!!! ;)

The landscape reminds me of the prairies. And you write of my favourite two stores.
Sorry about the Computer Day from Hell.

I too love the winter sky over the flat country and especially at the ends of the day which take so long to shift from light to dark and vice versa at this altitude.

These are the kind of things I love to read and see about life in another country - a favourite shop, the view from your car window on an ordinary journey...

So sorry about the computer problems, though - this kind of thing is almost unbearably frustrating and time-consuming, isn't it? Normally very efficient and speedy equipment has made such tight deadlines the norm that such a delay has become hugely stressful.

Not just *a* necktie, but enough neckties to have to organize them? The man clearly lives a secret life! (Life-embracing Photographer by day, Nerdy Accountant by Night! Our new action hero!) (Er, sorry. But it's easy to come up with episodes!) Oy, sorry about your computer problems. We've got some weird interaction going between our antivirus softwar and Spybot (a turf battle?) IE and World of Warcraft have joined the scrum. Meanwhile, I'm tippy toeing away with my new little linux netbook, hoping to live happily ever after in quiet, Swiss-style neutrality.

in-copy constantly crashes on deadline. it's amazing we ever get a newspaper out.

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