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February 24, 2010


This was so evocative. And so romantic.

Lovely. Just lovely.

Beth, beautifully written. Captures the sense of the present moment - gets one soaked in the varied things happening now, here - outwardly and inwardly.

I remember this vividly from 2007 because it was so exceptionally lovely. It's very nice to read it again and to know that others are reading it now who weren't reading Cassandra Pages then. Too many great blog posts disappear off the page never to be read again (as you were remarking elsewhere recently). And the photo is a delight!

I keep my lights up from November-February, just call them winter lights.

Love all those hearts!

Your heart tree is much needed here in Michigan to brighten our winter landscape. Of course, your writing melts away the cold. I get all toasty warm inside no matter how many times I read this. Do make it an annual posting.

I love the heart tree
Why don't we decorate the bare branches of trees, I wonder
Wouldn't they look lovely and cheer up the glommier days of winter?

In the heart of winter comes the determination of love.

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