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February 26, 2010


Oh, I still remember those kind of days, that after-mess! It all came back last year when we had so much snow here in Vancouver. Hope the thaw happens quickly and spring arrives soon for you! Or, better yet, you could move to Vancouver :-)

Thanks for the 'funnies', they're wonderful and she's now in my feed reader! Great that she's Canadian too, eh.

In fact, still on the subject of Canada and as a new Canadian, you may find interesting a couple of articles I've linked to in my latest post.

ooh I like that blue coat!
Here we just got more snow just when we don't want it and we didn't have it when we did.
Maybe I'll get to do a little skiing before it all turns to mush.

I love this post, Beth. It is funny to hear you talk of things that could be mine. We also have had a mild/not so hard winter here, and the snow is now clumped at the curbs in filthy heaps.

"NObody moves north." I get teased every spring when I go north for a vacation just as it's getting nice here. But I am boreal, and I love the bleakness, the contrast, and the songs and words that brings.

Your photo up there is gorgeous. The color. The intensity.


Having envied you your snow, Beth, in the wake of some luscious description in the past, I hope to God it's finished with us for 2010. A beautiful guest that long overstayed its welcome.

I love the Kate Beatons. Shades of Jules Feiffer. Thanks for the intro.

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