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February 15, 2010


It became deformatted? This can happen? Yikes.

I wonder whether your travelling musician was carrying one of these. They come in a back pack for easy transport.


What a shame your pics de-formatted. I'm with Dave. I didn't know this could happen. Oh dear. More digital scariness to worry about!

Clive - yes! I think it may very well have been an Irish/Celtic harp! Good thinking!

And to both of you, yes, apparently it can. I was freaked out too and still am.

I often wonder how you'd describe me if we crossed paths on the train, Beth. Our idea of ourselves must be very different from how we're perceived by the world.

I'm sure I wouldn't say this if the pictures were to hand, but I'm almost glad not to have them, to wander through this crowd with you by word alone.

I can see it crystal clear in my mind (even if the photos would have been divine).

I never understand the announcements made over the metro PA system and I'm a francophone... I think it's a conspiracy!

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