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February 25, 2010


I was also wondering the reason for another in the long line of reversals on policy and promises that Obama made during his campaign for President.
I found out that the largest donor to his political campaigns is a person from Chicago that is the CEO of a company that owns the largest number of nuclear power plants in the United States. I found three times at least that Obama stated during his campaign that he was against nuclear reactors.
Also David Alexrod and Rahm Emanuel worked for this nuclear company in Chicago. In a recent article in the Financial Times it was stated that these two plus Gibbs and Jarrett are the only four that has Obama ear. Always with him with the standard and only line-----politics and reelection.
I was never a supporter of George Bush and felt he left the country in dire straights but I did know from the beginning where he was coming from.
Obama is a much bigger disappointment. His list of---I said that but I'll do this--- is becoming more and more difficult to take. This subject of nuclear power plants is and has been for over 30 years a nonstarter. My state had Three Mile Island and now Vermont has the Yankee nuclear reactor. Strange to call them reactors they sure do in ways we never dreamed of.

I am so pleased and relieved about this. Now I'm just hoping no one manages to find a way to overturn it.

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