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March 15, 2010


Neat photo essay!

I assume you take these with a cell phone camera? For the first time ever, I found myself thinking, yeah, it could be cool to always have a camera with me--but I'd have to buy a different phone.


Reminds me of visiting there a few years ago on a rainy June weekend. I loved the way you'd find a condom store next to a shop selling kids' bikes on St. Denis. Thanks for the tour!

i loled at one of the pictures. anyways.. nice post.. those shots are also great too.. cheers!

Hi Kristin - thanks, glad you liked the post. No, I don't have a camera phone, I don't think you could get this high resolution with one. My camera is tiny, though - it's a Nikon CoolPix S200 and I've been very happy with it.

Hi Leslee - yeah, that was a good visit, and I'm glad you got to see how mixed-up Montreal tends to be.

Hi Tudor, thanks for visiting, glad you liked the photos and were amused.

For a different kind of easter basket! LOL Hilarious.

ah, deep nostalgia from when I walked down that street one freezing December when I first visited Montréal... I remember that book shop, in case it's the same one... got lots of amazing philosophy books there.

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