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March 18, 2010


The self-portrait is sitting on my screen right next to your sidebar photo - your face in characteristic expression twice over - showing what a very skilled artist and capturer of likeness you are. It's amazing, not to say incredibly impresssive, to discover that friends one identifies with one set of skills and talents have others you're not used to seeing them exercise.

Have a wonderful time in New York.

Congratulations on seven years of blogging!

I always love hearing about earlier parts of your life and your artistic endeavors. I find it quite interesting how your interests have shifted. How lucky you are to have such wide ranging talents. I'm glad you began writing; otherwise I never would have had the opportunity to "know" you.

Have a wonderful trip.

How exciting to see some of your early artworks, especially the portrait. I too enjoyed reading about your life in a new context with the various shifts, now to doing art again. Seven years blogging is worthy of a toast and wish for many more! Wishing you a happy time in New York.

You are a polymath, aren't you? No telling what you might not take up next. Whatever it is, I'll be delighted by it.

Happy birthday, Cassandrapages. Felicitations, Beth. Safe home! (I think this is a canadian expression) Vivian

I love this, Beth, this meandering through your past and present. Love the self-portrait. And excited to hear about how your new routine is energizing you.

It's wonderful to read about your past and see the incredible work you put forth back then -- which is not surprising, given all the wonderful and exciting work you do now on so many levels.

I always marvel at all you do in a day as well as the variety of talents you've managed to master. Seven years, what a wonderful milestone!

" I enjoyed my daytime work and my colleagues there, who were every social people, but I knew I wouldn't stay indefinitely, and felt I was preparing for the future."

That struck a cord

Thank you for giving me something upon which to reflect today

Congratulations on seven marvelous years of blogging, Beth. I always look forward to reading Cassandra Pages. Life should get better each year, expanding as we take in experience and let the insight work magic on our souls. Keep it up. May the future bring you wondrous new adventures (which you hopefully will continue sharing).

Happy blogday, Beth! Seven years is a major turn in the cycle, a good time to reflect. It's interesting how life turns out, and certain chords continue to play in one way or another. Glad to hear so much fulfillment in your life these days. I'm sure it will feel even more so as spring comes and life opens out up there!

Happy Seventh to you and one of the most thoughtful blogs out there

Congratulations, and keep it up!

Joyeux bloganniversaire! We missed you both at the 10th Yulblog anniversary last night. We'll have to have our own little celebration VERY soon.

Your self-portrait is amazing. Not only is it technically impressive, but it captures your expression better than the most realistic photograph (sorry J.!). Can I borrow some of your talent please?

congratulations! as I said before your blog is a must each day and where you take us is a wonder. May you have many more years and may we have the pleasure of waiting and reading.

hal lewis

Congratulations on your blogaversary! I always enjoy stopping by and I always leave thinking more deeply than I was beforehand. Your artwork is lovely - I didn't realize that you were a graphic designer.

Dear Beth, a very happy seventh blogiversary - we are the veterans! But I haven't been as faitful and prolific and consistent as you. It's wonderful to see some of your artwork now also emerging from these pages. That self-portrait drawing is beautifully expressive - I love the rather fierce eyes! Please post more from your portfolio, past and present. Have a great time in New York. XXX

Kia ora Beth,
Happy 7th blogoversary. You are a real inspiration. Have a lovely time in New York. Kia kaha.

I thought you might get a kick fron knowing there is a person in this world who was baptised io cassandra. I came across your blog looking for images of io, the moon. How beautiful she is, and so luminescent like a bright opal, my favorte stone. So much of your writing takes me into my own past and and also the present. Siracusa is very close to my heart, especially Ortigia. In a strange way I feel I know you, our paths must have crossed...somewhere, but you would surely remember me by my unusual name.

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