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April 16, 2010


Quite lovely, Beth. Looking forward to reading about the butterflies.

That looks like where they have the koi. We really enjoyed walking through there on our last visit to Montreal. The Bio Dome was somewhat strange though. Felt sorry for the penguins.

Thanks, Kim! Butterflies coming up.

Hi Zuleme, actually this is the alpine garden and the Japanese garden, with the koi (not out yet, I wonder where they keep them?), is over the (manmade) hill from here to the east, past "China." Strange, these constructed environments! I agree with you about the Biodome and the penguins - in some ways it's just an indoor zoo. Closed right now, though, because of a city labor dispute.

What a lovely place, Beth. Spring seems to me the most miraculous in colder climates, especially in the speed in which it sometimes bursts forth, and too quickly turns into summer. After living in cold climates for the first quarter century of my life (oh, that makes me sound OLD already!) I had a shock the first winter here in Vancouver. It was for me another miracle to observe a long slow spring beginning with small signs already in January, building up to the full majesty of April. Spring didn't come until mid-May on the prairies!

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