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April 27, 2010


I've spent some time this morning catching up with your posts and found that the recent one entitled "Balance" struck a chord. We had similar childhoods it seems: woods, river, streams, trees to climb. I also had a mountain. And that's what I wanted to tell you. You have a lovely nature preserve right on your doorstep. Well, actually it's a 30-minute drive from Montreal, on the South Shore. If you'd like a lovely place to walk among nature, I would suggest Mount St. Hilaire. With 600 species of “higher” (or seed) plants and an unknown quantity of other “lower” plants, 12 kinds of reptiles, 17 species of amphibians and 187 species of winged creatures, Mont St. Hilaire has been a sanctuary for migrating birds since 1960. Because of special biological and geological conditions it was declared a world-class preserve in 1978, the first of its kind in Canada.

And now is a lovely time of the year to go because if you wait until the fall, apple season brings people there in droves.

If you haven't already been, keep it in mind for a nearby escape from city life.

That would explain the 15 hits on my old post "Onion Snow" this morning (though this would be more of a tulip snow, I think). Get pictures!

Hi D. - thanks a lot for this. I will go and explore - and write a post about it! I don't know where you live now, but obviously you understand what I'm talking about if you grew up the same way. I really appreciate the recommendation, since that's very close indeed. I hope you have a good spring, too!

Dave - if it looked more inviting outside I'd be out there taking pictures but...brrr! It's not only snowing but blowing, almost horizontally. Yesterday people were outside in tank tops!

Not exactly snowing here in my part of Northern California (though it is in the Sierras), but we have fierce wind and rain, just like we normally do in January. The roses have all buckled over, the azaleas look forlorn, the lemon tree blossoms are getting blown around. Yuk!

We are told to expect snow here too. The peas, spinach, beets and radishes are under a hoop tunnel. The tomatoes are waiting their turn in the sun room. On sunny days I have been carrying them all out.

I was stuck in the jury pool room this morning for hours, so I saw the weather forecast (several times) and wondered if you were getting snow up there. I'm not sure which is worse - snow, or being stuck in the jury pool. ;-)

Ah my friend. I recall so clearly your post where you said you had put your winter coat(s) away and I had been on the verge of writing something to you in the warning department... but YOU're the cassandra so I just kept my mouth shut.....

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