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April 22, 2010


Far out! Well, here's hoping it's the good kind of contamination, and you can sneak in some herbs or something.

Amazing, sometimes, how life works, isn't it? What a lovely surprise!

wow! how lovely! et gratuit!

Yay! How lovely! I can't wait to see what flowers you will grow. Free garden!

Wonderful! Congratulations!


How terrific! And how lovely that these things do happen, as well as the random and unpleasant things.


I am happy for you. You might consider making a raised bed or containers for a tomato or two. I get heritage seedlings every year from my friend Gillian let me know what you want. Vivian

Providence indeed! Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy call.

Oh Beth, this has made me so happy! Great news!

The Earth smiles in flowers

Wonderful, Beth. What good news. Now to start picking your flowers . . .

Fabulous, Beth. I cannot wait to see what you do with your providential piece of ground.

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