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May 09, 2010


I chuckled at the youthful father-in-law in your dream, at your own way to leaping in to view during this convalescence and then ducking back into the computing cloud. Did I see you do that? Vivian


Beth, I love the way you captured the fractured, nonsensical quality of a dream that makes perfect, absolute sense while you're immersed in it. And I'm so sorry it's snowing. I know that patch of ground must be calling to you.

Vivian, do you feel like I got personal and then disappeared? I didn't mean to (disappear, that is!)

Thanks, Rachel. Thanks, Kim, and you're quite right. The snow has been demoralizing today. It's only 40 degrees, and people are wearing parkas and winter boots! Ridiculous. Yes, I was hoping the seeds would be starting to come up! But summer will arrive eventually (or so I keep telling myself!)

Beth, this is so lovely: sharp images emerging from the fog of dreams, as they do. Treasure your dreams, even when they hurt because lost loved ones come back to you. I don't suppose you feel much like treasuring the present circumstances of bleak weather and a swollen face, but they will pass, while love, and memories and dreams of love, endure.

Beautifully written, Beth. Absolutely beautiful.

I cannot say more.. Excellent! Thanks for this one.. keep up the good work!

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