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June 26, 2010


You've captured light so beautifully in the sketch with the willow. I see the Mother Duck and her family:)

Beautiful. I especially love the first one.

We have all these things in the two large Victorian public parks close to where I live in South London - small lakes; weeping willows; watery, Japanesy plantings that are traditional features of these old parks. My photos of them are often disappointing, artificial-looking, although when you're there they embrace you in their lushness and don't feel like that. Your sketches capture exactly what the photos don't - the way such places are themselves but also successfully evoke somewhere else. I love them.

i am so enjoying your sketches - these are cool (i mean they have a cool feeling...) and so full of energy and a kind of strangeness.

I like your expressive marks and the way you've picked out a few evocative colours.

Wonderful, Beth.

Wonderful sketches, Beth. When I went to Colorado to visit my son, we found an art class on assignment at Garden of the Gods. It was fascinating to watch each student's choice concerning what to draw and how to express a personal vision. I wonder why more artists do not take to the outdoors.

Jan, I think a lot of people would like to, but are freaked out by the idea of someone looking over their shoulder as they paint or draw outside. Because it happens - people are intrigued and want to look, even if you're buried in a little sketchbook!

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