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June 15, 2010


Beth, this is so perfect. Great water colour.

Gorgeous! I feel like I can smell it and I could reach out and stroke the skin - velvetty with a few coarser patches.

I love the spatter on the surface around the apricot. Such lovely detail.

Your post a few days ago in which you shared your drawings of people on the train reminded me of an artist here in Austin whose blog is dedicated to the paintings of people she does in coffee shops, usually without them knowing. It's an interesting site you might be interested in checking out: I Stare at People. I meant to give you the link a few days ago, but things got busy.

Looking good enough to eat!

This is a wonderful watercolor, and I am so glad to be reading your blog! I "discovered" you through googling "bookbinding techniques," which originally brought me to your Secret Belgian Binding post. I'm wondering if you have a list of your favorite resources/tools/techniques/etc for bookbinding, as I am just returning from a long hiatus. Thanks so much for sharing your work and your world with us all.

Thanks for these kind comments!

James - thanks so much for that link and you're quite right that I like her work - she's terrific! And will be added to my "art" RSS feed list.

Sara - welcome! I'm so glad you came by. Are you in the U.S., because that matters if you're buying supplies by mail. Most of my tools, other than the big screw-top iron press, have either been homemade (using Aldren Watson's classic book on bookbinding) or purchased through John Neal,Bookseller; Daniel Smith Art Supplies, or Talas, all of whom have online catalogs. I'm not a professional binder, though! One of the best sites for information and inspiration is Bonefolder at http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder/ Good luck and please come back and let me know what your'e doing. I'm happy to discover your blog, too.

I love pictures of fruit! I had a real ripe apricot the other day, and it was a work of art in itself.


lovely. a tender portrait. it looks quite vulnerable somehow because of the scale you've chosen.

sorry - got my blog link wrong there!!

I am so envious!
How the heck do you do it????

that is beautiful -
hugs from PA

This is so interesting. I clicked open your site, went to the kitchen and grabbed an over ripe apricot from a refrigerator. I scrolled down,and here I am looking at your beautiful apricot.

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