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June 18, 2010


Oh Beth. Hugs and sympathies.

Beth, so sorry for your losses, two in a week - our sympathies! Yes, art is therapeutic at times like this. Your sketch is wonderful and I recognize that shop!

Wow, sketching bikes in motion seems like it would be really hard. But then it all seems like mysterious magic to me :-)

So sorry about your friend and your uncle. I hate it when linchpin people die.


I am so sorry to hear the sad news.
Losing people we love is such a painful process
Art as therapy, yes, indeed, and I am also benefitting from your wonderful work!

I regret to learn of your recent losses, coming so close together. Condolences and prayers.
The art is lovely and your style so artless and evocative of place and spirit.

That looks so French. I really like what you say about process, too. And I read the obituary and felt sad, as do you, at the way people are dying these days.

i love your sketches - they're wonderfully light and airy. sketching as healing - yes. i'll take my inspiration from this for poetry as healing... good thoughts coming your way...

So sorry for the losses, Beth. I saw this sketch first on Facebook, and I have to say I have enjoyed it each of the three or four times I've studied it today. Makes me long for that kind of talent. As I've told you before, I'll have to be satisfied with enjoying yours vicariously. Thanks for sharing your sketches. I love them.

I am sorry for your losses this week, Beth. art is such consolation at times like these, so thanks for sharing it with us.

A delightful sketch, Beth, so delicate and yet lively.

And sad about the passings. But we-of-a-certain-age are becoming accustomed to these encounters with mortality, aren't we? Accustomed but far from inured.

Just popped over from The Phoenix - this looks very intriguing. Must go and wield the duster but will return. Love the sketch.

Oh! Oh! I know *exactly* where this is. We stayed at the little inn on Rue Rachel--Auberge de la Fontaine, I think it was. What a lovely sketch! I love it.

And I am very sorry for your losses. Both of them, equally sad in different ways.

Sorry for your losses, Beth. Glad you can lose yourself in art.I'm enjoying your sketches.

The sketches are lovely. I especially like the way the parked bikes jumble together. Death is sad and final, and difficult to assimilate. I read the obit of your friend. It sounds as though his life was fruitful and satisfying. And your uncle, tough and hard working, lived long and well. How hard it is to say goodbye.

Lovely, airy sketch, Beth. I too noted those parked bikes - they alone must have taken quite a while to visually disentangle!
Sorry for your losses, my they rest in peace.

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