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June 14, 2010


Now this was a fine fireworks display. I was totally thrilled to watch this! Something I would never have seen if you had not taken time to share. I too loved the white...I love black and what photography. The contrast is intriguing!

Thanks for the share.

The more I read about Montreal, your experiences and Marja-Leena's, and your pictures, the more I want to go there. I think the mostly harsh climate must make summer a continual celebration for you.

Now that's what I call a firework display!
Amazing, especially the ghosts at the start and the exploding sea urchins!
Thank you for sharing

Wow, what a great show! Vancouver also has similar competitions in the summer in English Bay. Now that we've been to Montreal, your posts about the city are even more meaningful and enjoyable, Beth, thanks so much for sharing!

Now THAT makes me homesick. I used to watch these displays from the roof of my apartment building. :-(

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