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June 23, 2010


I truly am enjoying your sketches, Beth! Funerals and family gatherings do stir up mixed feelings, but perhaps sketching helps diffuse some of the extremes, as well as coming home again! Have a good week!

Lovely sketches Beth.

lovely - just lovely. much better than photographs. welcome back

If one wants to see something, one must draw it. One cannot understand, much less remember, the spaces, textures and forms laid out before us unless we touch them with our eye's hand. (With apologies to J.)

I do like these! My sister just won first prize for drawing at the Cape Cod Artists National Show. She does very detailed pieces.

I like the quickness of these and the sense of movement. These satisfy my eye more than "finished" work.

Thanks, all! I'm glad some of you are willing to go along with me on this sketching adventure.

S: yes, I've always found that to be true. Drawing creates an entirely different mode of seeing, and I think that might work even for people who say they "can't" draw.

Zuleme - fantastic! What kind of subjects does she like to draw?

Hattie - thank you - that's always been my feeling about spontaneous drawings, too, I really love the life in them which is almost impossible to retain in a more detailed drawing or a painting. My favorite parts of these travel drawings (and of what I saw that day) are the clouds.

Beth, these really give the feeling of being on the move and absorbing impressions as they flash by, indeed much more so than if they were very detailed. The farm fields and barns remind me so much of the Vermont I remember from long ago when my parents lived there.

I love those watercolour pencils and used them all the time in Portugal for sketching in cafes etc. It's so nice to be able to turn the pencil lines into washes instantly, using one of those brush-pens (that I first heard of from Alison).

Delightful! We must see more of these, Beth.

Just the idea of it!

How satisfying it must be to watch these evolving swiftly on the page. I regret so much that I can't draw.

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