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July 10, 2010


You capture the luminosity of our long summer twilights well in this. Félicitations!

The color really brings it to life. Great sketch.

I almost always go to the Vancouver Folk Festival and will miss it this year. I enjoy those long twilight evenings in July up north, and the sunset at Jerico Park is always wonderful.
Love your drawing.

i like the painting!
montreal has more festivals than any town i've been in.

I really admire your work. You could make a wonderful book about life in Montreal.

Thank you! (And you're right, Laurie, this is definitely the City of Festivals. I think it's an antidote to winter.)

There we are, just now, at the summer jazz concert with you.

What a perfect way to pass the time before the action starts onstage! If you tuck the drawings away in a pocket or purse, you don't even have to worry that something would happen to the sketchbook.

It's a beautiful sketch, and it glows with the color. It just looks like having fun!

Lovely drawings. You are absolutely right, plants have wonderful forms. I grow them, tend them, pick them, cherish them. I don't draw them often, but I should think more about doing that.

I love it, Beth. The color makes this one for me, even though I love looking at the detail in the original. And I love seeing Laurie here!

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