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July 07, 2010


Clever, Beth. It's so hot here, I can't think of being creative. I haven't even been out in the garden. You have a marvelous sketch to show for staying inside.


Thanks, Jan. I was so hot this afternoon I could barely move, and even tonight I can't make myself go the eight blocks to water the garden. The tomatoes will have to suffer until morning! Drawing is so absorbing I forgot how miserable I felt, though.

Hi Dave. I know the feeling. Take a cold bath or something?

Great coloured sketch. Beats me how you can do that and simultaneously watch the match. I thought I was a reasonable multi-tasker, but for me it would have been match or drawing. The simultaneous activity would have boded brain melt-down!

Thanks, Clive. To be scrupulously honest, I was much more concentrated on the sketch than the match!

I'm still not satisfied with this sketch technique but it's getting closer as I get used to using watercolor washes on the Moleskine-type sketchbook paper; they're instantly absorbed and you can't soften them at all. The main thing is that I'm enjoying the (re)new(ed) sensation of drawing my world.

Great title for a beautiful sketch.

I love your sketches, they have tons of personality.

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