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July 06, 2010


Nice shot, I wish we had walked out to that pier, though we walked past. I've been to a Cirque show here in Vancouver once, with two of our daughters. It was fantastic, so different from watching on television as we'd often done before.

I've noticed in the news about the heat wave in the east! We're in the beginning of one, but not quite so hot... yet!

I saw them in London some years ago - at the Albert Hall!! Stunning! Rather envying your heat, as the weather has disintegrated here and it's cool, grey and wet...

The climate is very even here in Hawaii: never cold and never too hot.
Where we live there are no venues for big shows. We would have to fly to Honolulu to see things like the Cirque show.

Oh those tents look so jaunty in that lovely setting. I haven't been to a Cirque du Soleil show in too long. But I guess there's no chance of them coming to Aberystwyth!

not cirque de soleil--cirque eloize, which i loved deeply. "nomade," in montreal at the february highlights festival a few years back. i loved the european rag tag circus feel of it, the amazing acrobatics, the guy on the unicycle briefly became my Secret Boyfriend, and the clarinet and fiddle band my soundtrack.

ahem, to clarify: by secret boyfriend, i mean secret to him, too.
i admired him from afar.

The first time was in So Cal when they first started touring (I think) close to 20 years ago, and twice here in Portland. I probably won't go again, or not for a long while, but was happy to have been able to take my mom, and sit in the 2nd row, just off center, with no seat in front of my mom. The maestro winked at her when she lead the standing ovation. Wrote a short prose piece about it, contrasting a different circus memory from my childhood.

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