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August 12, 2010


I really like this... how it's all reduced to line as opposed to how it looked in the previous posts. I'm enjoying watching this unfold and reading about your process.

This makes me just salivate, waiting for the colour you've opened up the space and air for.

Thank you, James, I like it too, so much so that I couldn't make myself use charcoal or pastel over it as I'd originally planned, instead I did another base drawing. It's funny -- I never really "got" Cezanne's ethereal watercolors but this process has made me understand them better.

Thanks, Jean. Well, I worked on a pastel yesterday, to try to sort out the color, and it was frustrating...not airy at all! So, begin again. (I really like the line drawing too - maybe it doesn't really want to be anything but shapes!)

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