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August 20, 2010


yeah, sigh, slowing down here too. But we are taking a week at the beach in September. Nice to look forward too. I love fall but this summer went by way too fast.

the light! we are losing the light in the mornings and evenings. i would not mind the cold of winter at all if we still had 12 hours of daylight.

Oh yes, that sinking back-to-school feeling! How it lingers still, after all these years. Summers seem to have shrunk more and more - or is it just me?

It still feels like high summer here. We wake up to 80 degrees and right now it's 102. I suppose the evening darkness comes a bit earlier, but with these temperatures, it seems a blessing.

Here in south west Turkey our hot, and this year humid, summer is still churning on. We won't see any real noticeable drop in temperatures (day or night) for a good month yet. Where we live autumn is a very minimal affair but in October we are going up to Trabzon in the north east then into Georgia for a few days and I am really looking forward to seeing leaf colour on trees. Here our trees are mainly conifers or other species whose leaves don't drop so I do miss the leaf colour. Days are shortening but as it is Ramazan I know that all our fasting neighbours are glad to lose a couple of minutes from each day's fasting time.

It's raining here now.Not heavy but heavy enough to wet the leaves, branches and a small puddles have started to form here and there.Observing the evening sky, there is a usual long fond exhale that I'm missing summer already :)).Enjoy the rest of lovely summer, Beth.

Such a magnificent essay, Beth.

What a wonderful eulogy. You had a marvelous summer.

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