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August 13, 2010


Such a lovely spot so near the city! Interesting that the fisherman did not keep his catches. Why, is the fish tainted perhaps? I remember the sturgeons, and many other fish, my father used to catch on the Winnipeg River. My mother smoked the sturgeon, canning some of the extra for winter. I've not had a taste of that in many decades now, nor gone fishing in a long time.

Don't miss the snow geese this fall. I forget the name of the town we saw them in but we camped near a museum on the river and watched the flocks come in like airplanes. It was bizarre that there were also places where people could shoot them from. I don't think any were shot while we were there so maybe the shooting spots were for something else.
There was a festival of the snow geese in the same town.

How glorious!

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