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September 17, 2010


"a picture can put the mind where it has not been" - and this has sent me remembering the river of my youth, where we spent so many summers, a place that I still miss whenever the memories return, like now. Lovely pastel, lovely memories, Beth.

Beautiful pastel and more beautiful post.

A beautiful picture, Beth, both in image and in words.

It still looks the same, Beth. The street looks a little different though - the town has put in granite curbs on Summer Street and has paved it. It looks really nice. We are also putting up a garage. Beautiful painting.

That is a wonderful pastel. I'm just back from a trip to my home turf. Might get back into blogging for my friends and family.
You are a very good artist and I enjoy seeing your work.

Love the geometries and colors of your painting. (Is a pastel technically a painting or a drawing?)

My eye went straight away to the rocks (deliciously described above) then to the shapes of color driving to the vanishing point.

When I first saw this as a tiny image on FB I thought it a realistic painting, and thought it lovely, but was happier when I came closer and saw the geometries, and of course the prose. I think the geometric forms support your discussion of urbanization.

I love rivers and rocks. Thanks for sharing yours.

Beautiful. I get a sense of peace from this pastel. And I love your thoughts on something important in your past. I went to my hometown on Friday night. I attended the football homecoming, planning on spending time with one friend and her family. I saw so many wonderful people, some about my parents' age, some about my age, lots of youngsters whose parents I have known. Two of the boys I went to high school with were inducted into the high school's athletic hall of fame. It is odd to feel the draw of a place and still feel separate. In my case, there was definitely nostalgia.

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