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September 21, 2010


Many Happy Returns for yesterday Beth. It sounds as though you had a great day. Wear that ruffled skirt with pride!

Happy birthday wishes again, Beth! What a wonderful day you had. I can picture you in that ruffled skirt. And I wish I could join you in fabric shopping, especially in Montreal where I bet the choices are far more exciting than here. I'd love to see what you make, maybe it will motivate me to get back to my unfinished projects and the piles of fabrics bought years ago. My "English" daughter has become a keen seamstress. I showed her how to make buttonholes by hand, something I'd not done in years since getting a machine that does it, and because her machine in London is an old one that doesn't.

Oh happy birthday! It's wonderful that your life continues to unfold in so many delightful ways.

Happy birthday,Beth! You seem to have had a great day. I had mine earlier this month, only the 37th but even that seemed something to wonder about and feel thankful for. It's really wonderful to see your enthusiasm and zest at 58, and all that fashion interest brought home the realization that my wife's shopping habits aren't going to change anytime soon!

It is good to hear about your special day. So pleased it was lovely. I read this post with a broad smile on my face. Anticipating the fabric and pattern shopping post!

...and high heels! Thanks, Clive!

Thanks, Marja-Leena! I've made a lot of hand buttonholes in my life because I don't like the way my machine does it...but making them by hand is a lot of fussy work! It makes me happy that your daughter likes to sew. I think there's a bit of a revival going on - lots of younger women have sewing blogs and are making cute and clever things.

Thanks, NT/Pascale! Life is kinda what we make it, it seems. I've had my periods of negative energy too. I'm enjoying your daily thoughts of beauty and positivity!

Parmanu, thanks for the good wishes! I'm not much of a shopper and never have been, but because of sewing a lot as a young person I've always been interested in clothing construction, and I love textiles of all kinds. For me, it's another creative pursuit, and it's fun to live in a city now where I can watch the people. Montrealers have a wonderful sense of style, especially the young women - they put together beautiful outfits that probably haven't cost much at all, and that inspires me to be a bit more creative than I used to be in L.L. Bean-land.

Thanks, Kim, I'll try to remember to take my camera along!

Kia ora Beth,
Happy belated birthday! The food all reads as so nice ann mouth watering. Having just turned 50, and with new hip, I must write I feel better than I have in years, and am spending more time in the mountains with a smile instead of a grimace. It's all good! Kia kaha.

Happy birthday, Beth :^) The description of the food's making me very hungry.
Your grandmother did indeed set a good example by the very fact of being interested in something. I suspect the end begins when we lose interest in everything beyond ourselves.

Re-happy re-birthday Beth and can we have a picture of you in said ruffly skirt?
Have you heard of the English designer Vivienne Westwood? Talk about wildly unconventional fashion pour les femmes d'un certain age! Look her up in Googl images.
Looking forward to seeing your own fashion creations.

Happy belated birthday, Beth. I love your attitude. We improve with age because we learn from experience and approach new experiences with gusto. Hope life gets better and better for you. (Gorgeous food photo).

My birthday is coming up too, number 59. And I love textiles and wish I could sew better. Anything I make looks like I made it! You'll never find me in high heels though! Am a country girl in Crocs or boots or sneakers.
Or barefoot!


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