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September 09, 2010


I think I love your dental surgeon. And I love your stories, Beth.

As usual, I am captivated all the way to the end.

I loved your title right off, and knew what it referred to [I am currently getting a crown myself], but it made me laugh, and I thought: what if it was the Miss Universe contest ?? ;-)

Also, the conversations one can have with dentists, despite the fact of having your mouth full of equipment. My dentist is equally interested in just about everything I mention. He has a bulletin board in the waiting room, where he pins up articles and news bits to do with his patients (I've been up there twice for poetry). And of course toothwork is intensely inspiring. I've written many pieces after a session in the bendable chair.

And now, I'm intrigued to hear the 'crazy' CD you mentioned.


WOnderful, wonderful story. One of the things you capture in it is the 3-D full sensory seductive quality of 'real life' with its interruptions, delays, glances, multiple thought tracks all rolling along together, past and future, professions and avocations and distractions, mixed into such a marvellous stew...what in fact the internet even the fine blogosphere rarely even hints at much less delivers.

Yes, wonderful. And I too would like the name of that CD. As for 'your crown is stuck in traffic', that *has* to be the title of a novel!

This left my heart smiling. Thanks, Beth.

Wow, your dentist is a guru! This almost makes me want to schedule a visit to the dentist more often than once a decade. Almost.

You can have actual conversations with your dentist? I just grunt and give up...

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