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October 30, 2010


What a wonderful (and inspiring) and touching video. Thanks for this link, Beth! It's balm to the soul.

Just what I needed this morning as I try to sort out some problems for my mother, who will be 80 next year.
I've thought for a long time that people were created because they could make music.

Inspiring in the best possible way.

Oh Beth, I watched this over and over. How the beauty of the music, the words, the woman's spirit, how these lifted my heart. Many thanks.........

This wonderful woman is an inspiration. Thank-you for the music of life.

I started blogging,a lot of things are not clear,can you help me,thanks.

This is so moving and inspiring and powerful - what a marvellous person she is. I fervently hope I will have the same spirit when I get to 106, or 107 or 108.

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