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October 28, 2010


Absolutely wonderful description! I could almost be there.

I saw this over on facebook first, clicked right over and read it again. I changed to google reader recently when my usual reader, bloglines, went belly up. I can never remember to check it, though I am not sure why. It was wonderful to have a reminder over in facebook world. Thanks for sharing it there.

So lovely, Beth. So lovely.

A hymn to insomnia! A beautiful piece, Beth. I shall copy and paste this to my other-people's-work file and read it when next I'm lamenting sleeplessness.

As another insomniac, I'm quite amazed at your courage and energy to go out into the cold night on a bike! Last night I was up for hours reading and writing and drinking herbal tea, wrapped in a blanket with heavy wool socks - so boring compared to your adventure!

I'm thinking how very cold it must be riding a bike in 39 degree weather. I can feel the icicles of the handlebars as I'm sitting here.

Nice writing, Beth. Next time I get insomnia, maybe I will follow your example and go for a brisk walk aroud the mountain. I used to night-walk all the time in my 20s and early 30s.

Beautifully written Beth. You did all this at 3.30? Here in Chennai I 'll get mugged.

I'll never forget riding through the street of Montreal at dawn when I lived there. Did you get a photo of the bakers? Lovely post.
I do the tea, blanket and book routine if I am on my own. At home sometimes I go and cuddle with Harper (cat) in his room.

Brr! Most moony, the round and cut cheeses in the darkness, the pin-up, the eye... Those footsteps on her face didn't kick off the enchantment, I suppose. Like this.

Wonderful dawn journey, Beth. I've felt the same exhilaration on the rare occasions when I've been up and out in the very early morning, telling myself: why don't I do this more often? But I must admit it was never in winter. You are brave indeed to venture out on your bike in the cold but then you're a Vermont girl! So, what did you do when you got inside the studio? And did you still feel energetic 3 or 4 hours later?

Oh, I just loved this! How absolutely wonderful.

So wonderful, Beth. I loved this post. We have relatives in Montreal, so, although I don't think I'm familiar with these exact streets (and certainly not at 3:30am!), I can imagine your ride and the freedom you must have felt. Great description and writing. I especially liked the pin-up moon.

This is extraordinarily beautiful to me, Beth, words and images alike. I love the little slices of nighttime life you encounter. And the reminder that a middle-of-the-night waking can hold blessings is always a good one for me, even though I am not often awake in the wee small hours as I was during most of the last year...

Remarkable words and images. I can smell the yeasty loaves rising. The alert, seeking mind on its rounds will stay with me.

There is something deliciously naughty about creeping out of bed in the small hours and venturing forth to play while the rest of the world sleeps...

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