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November 08, 2010


Wow, I had no idea such wintriness was occuring in the NE already! Today was cloudless here.

Yes, parts of this morning's commute back to New Hampshire from Massachusetts looked like this. I'm glad you had a good, safe trip there & back.

Ugh. Glad it turned out okay. That looks like nasty driving weather.

Glad you made it home! I had my own adventures this morning -- driving Drew to daycare and myself to jury duty in the pouring sleet / freezing rain, on tires which proved to be utterly bald -- but I didn't get into trouble until I returned home and got stuck in the snow on my own street. ::facepalm:: I have new tires now. I'm not thrilled about being $750 poorer, but I'm glad the car is safe to drive in again.

Glad you're home :-) (You and Rachel both)

Kia ora Beth,
I don't get much occasion for such drives here anymore, though up in the high desert country of the north island, and down south in the mountains, this can often be a familar scene. Always a bit nerve wracking in such conditions, hard to enjoy music or conversation as the focus is pretty total. Glad you made it safely. Kia kaha.

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